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The Tofu Guru… is a one girl vegan cooking show. Tune in to my kitchen for eclectic indie music, and entry level recipes that rarely involve tofu. Promise.

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The Holy Grail of Veggie Burgers


By Jove, I think I’ve done it. A tasty vegan burger that actually holds together… even on the grill. Enjoy!


Music by The Ride Theory

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Provided by Mevio’s Music Alley

(Vegan) Chili + (Gluten-free) Cornbread


SO MUCH PROTEIN!!! Sorry for the slight delay, but it took me a few tries to get this one right! Quite proud of it though. Just sayin.

ALSO FOR YOUR SAFETY: I forgot to warn against “bean poisoning” (seriously, google it) because my slow-cooker reaches high enough temperatures to prevent it, but most don’t! If you’re not sure about your’s (or just want to be on the safe side), boil your beans briskly for 5 minutes after soaking them and before adding them to the slow-cooker.

Music by Sylvie Lewis

Provided by Mevio’s Music Alley


Veggie Lover’s Lasagna


The people have spoken! Here’s my recipe for true veggie-lover’s lasagna. Not for the faint of heart. (And yes, we’re still working with the iPhone here…)

Music by Josh Woodward

iPhone Pancakes


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Who ever decided these are a breakfast food…? Just sayin’. Keep those requests rolling in… the summer is far from over!

Music by Sick of Sarah

¡Vegan Tamales!


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Can’t apologize enough for disappearing… but now I’m granting wishes!

Officially back for the summer, so send me requests. :)

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Music by Los Sundayers

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